Common Questions Asked When Buying a Used Car

You’re finally ready to take the plunge—today is the day where you are going to Auction Direct USA to buy the used car you’ve been wanting and needing so badly. All of us at Auction Direct USA know what a big step this is and what a huge decision picking out the perfect car for you is. That’s why, we want to do everything we can to make sure that you ask the proper questions before your visit to our lot and are as prepared as possible to make the best possible selection.

We have come up with a list of common questions that are often asked by our customers when they are purchasing their used car. Our experts at Auction Direct can go into further details about specific vehicles when you are on the lot, but it can’t hurt to be prepared beforehand! These questions and how we answer them shows that we are committed to trust and an open exchange of information, guaranteeing you with a satisfying automotive purchase experience!

1)      Who was the previous owner? Our salespeople at Auction Direct USA will give you a clear, straight answer to this question. We are proud of the high standards of quality we hold on each of our vehicles, and this among other questions is what we ask before a car makes it to our lot to ensure you get the highest standard possible.  We provide a complete Car Fax history report on each and every vehicle we sell.

2)      Can I take this car to a mechanic to check in out? Why bother taking it to a mechanic when we have a full service shop on site? We offer a fully staffed service department with ASE Certified Master Technicians to handle all of your service and maintenance needs! Our cars are carefully inspected and given our mechanics stamp of approval before it hits the lot. After you purchase your vehicle, our mechanics offer the lowest in market shop rates, loaner vehicles, and even shuttle service!

3)      Can I take this car out for a test drive? Absolutely! How can you know if this is the perfect car for you unless you take it for a spin!? Have a little fun and take her out for a drive!

We look forward to your upcoming visit at Auction Direct USA, where we can answer these and other questions for you!