Order A Used Car With Auction Direct USA

Are you considering purchasing a used car in the near future? Do you have something specific in mind for your purchase? At Auction Direct USA, we make it our mission to make your car experience fast, easy, affordable, and of course, satisfying your high expectations for your new vehicle.  Are you envisioning an exotic sports car that is the envy of your friends and family? Or is a used car with exceptional gas mileage more of the criteria you had envisioned? Bring your wish list to any of our three locations, and our expert team will find the car that fits you best!

Say you visit an Auction Direct USA location, and you see many outstanding choices for your used vehicle, but you aren’t finding exactly what you are looking for. While countless customers have been able to drive off our lot the same day with the car they were looking for, for others, ordering a car from us is just as rewarding of an experience! This is a risk-free process that allows valued clients like you to drive away with your dream car, even if your exact preferences aren’t found on our lot.

All it Takes is Three Simple Steps to Order the Car You Need:

Step 1: Tell a member of our team what you want—If your dream vehicle isn’t on our lot, your car search is far from over! Consult with an Auction Direct USA employee and tell us exactly the car you want! The more details you give us, from color, mileage, and style, the easier it will be for us to give you what you are looking for!

Step 2: We Search For Your Car, We Find it, We Buy It!—after your initial consultation in Step 1, you give us a deposit to allow us to search for and purchase your ideal used car. From there, we are able to search for your vehicle from a number of sources, including off-lease sales, dealer auctions, and even bank liquidations. Once we find your vehicle, it is delivered within only 7-10 business days!

Step 3: Inspect the Vehicle and Take it Home! Once the vehicle is delivered, then we complete our through inspection to make sure it is up to our high standards! Then, the vehicle is yours to drive home happy!

Auction Direct’s unique approach is centered upon providing customers with the lowest price vehicles and the best car buying experience. Our ordering process allows you to have the car you want at the price you need! Visit one of our three locations today to get the process started—whether you find a car on our lot, or order it through us, our job is to make you happy!