2021 Toyota Tundra parked outside

Toyotathon “Neighbors” Toyota Commercial Models Explored!

What Models Were in the Toyotathon “Neighbors” Toyota Commercial?

Toyotathon is here, and Toyota is broadcasting it to the world with their great commercials! This includes the “Neighbors” commercial, which includes several amazing models. What are some of the models displayed? Click below to find out!

Toyotathon “Neighbors” Toyota Commercial:

What Models are in the “Neighbors” Commercial?

This commercial was a ton of fun, as you can see from above. It showcases a Camry, RAV4, Tundra, and a Highlander model. Each of these models is involved in a year-end deal this Toyotathon. We highly recommend checking it out!

There are many amazing models that have deals this year, especially for Toyota, and especially here at Auction Direct! You’re guaranteed to get a good deal on a used model!

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