Ford EcoSport driving during a frosty winter

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Winter Preparation Checklist for Your Vehicle

The winter season is almost here, and depending on where you are located, you may have even seen some snow already. With that being said, now is the time to get your vehicle prepped so it can provide optimal performance and stay dependable during the cold months ahead. To ensure that you don’t forget anything, we have created a checklist for you:

___ Check your vehicle’s tires to verify that they are still in good condition. Replace as needed.

___ Are your vehicle’s windows getting streaky whenever you use the wipers? Now is the time to switch out the wiper blades so you can enjoy crystal-clear visibility whenever it snows.

___ Change the oil of your vehicle.

___ Have your vehicle’s brakes inspected and repaired/replaced as needed.

___ Switch out or top off all liquids.

___ How old is the battery of your vehicle? Find out how much juice it still has and replace it if necessary.

___ Build a wintertime survival kit – complete with blankets, spare clothes, food, and tools – and place in the cargo area of your vehicle.

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