Vehicle Factors in a Used Car Search

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One of the simplest areas we see people struggle with? A lack of basic knowledge about what they want in a preowned car. These simple expectations will set the baseline for your entire purchasing experience. Let’s look at a few important areas to consider.

Basic Performance

Before even visiting a dealership, read performance reviews of the types of cars you think you might be looking into. Certain makes and models may have tendencies within their design, and the rise of the internet within the industry makes it easier than ever to find out about these. Does a model you’re looking into frequently struggle with a particular engine problem? Find out in advance. In addition, once you’re at the dealership, test performance of individual vehicles through test drives.

Safety Features

Another smart bit of research will be on crash ratings and safety features for a potential vehicle. There are simple online resources to help with understanding what certain ratings or features are referring to, and what they might mean for you.


This ties in with performance to some degree. You want a dependable vehicle that won’t frequently be dealing with maintenance or repairs. There are also plenty of online resources available for checking this sort of thing.


Factors like the engine, tires and mechanical items might drive the value more directly, but you have to be comfortable in your vehicle. Inspect everything from seat material to the layout, and make sure all the interior features you want are present.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Remember that even after you spend money on your used vehicle, there will be standard maintenance and upkeep concerns. Budget for this, but also research the kinds of maintenance that are most common for your vehicle type.

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