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Which Podcasts are Great to Listen to During My Spring Road Trip?

Auction Direct USA’s Favorite Podcasts for Road Tripping

With the spring season now in full swing, we are ready to hit the road. Staring ahead at an open highway can get a little boring after a while, so we often turn to podcasts for entertainment – especially since many of today’s used cars come available with infotainment systems or plug-ins for your smartphone. If you are looking for a great new podcast to listen to, we have a few suggestions that are available on Spotify:

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The Dave Ramsey Show – Dave Ramsey is famous for his financial advice and how to get yourself out of debt. His podcast features portions of his radio talk show where people call in and ask for his opinion on which loans to pay off first, how much should be put toward retirement, etc.

Stuff You Missed in History Class – If you are a history nerd, then you will love Stuff You Missed in History Class! This entertaining podcast covers a variety of topics that include the life story of Juliette Gordon Low (the founder of Girl Scouts), the USO and Bob Hope, the women of Disney, Levi Strauss, and so much more!

Crime in Sports – True crime podcasts are extremely popular, and Crime in Sports is one of our favorites (and you don’t have to like sports). Comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman put a funny spin on professional athletes who ended up on the wrong side of the law. We find the episodes that feature Tonya Harding, John Daly, and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart particularly entertaining.

The No Sleep Podcast – If you are looking for a good story, we recommend The No Sleep Podcast. This podcast features short stories from the horror genre. When you are on the road for a few hours, we recommend listening to season 7, episode 25, which features the story of “Borrasca” by C.K. Walker.

Happy Listening!

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