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What are Some Good Automotive-Themed Gifts for the 2019 Holiday Season?

Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas for Drivers

The holiday season is now upon us and many of us are starting to make plans on what we are going to give as gifts. Every once in a while, we become stumped as to what to give to someone who seems to have everything already, or someone who is never happy with what they get. Before you give up and just stick a wad of cash in an envelope, read through our gift suggestions that drivers will love unwrapping!

Fun Car Air Fresheners

Most folks love having a car that smells good, so you can’t go wrong with putting some air fresheners in their holiday stocking. The tree-shaped ones that you can get at any auto parts store or big-box retailer will suffice, but if you want to be a bit extra this holiday season, go to Bath and Body Works, where they have fun holders and a variety of unique scents. We are really excited about the Twisted Peppermint and the Vanilla Bean Noel scents!

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Fleece Blanket

There are two kinds of people: those who love receiving blankets despite already owning a mountain of them, and those who think “oh great, ANOTHER blanket”. Either way, they will be glad to have a new fleece blanket for their vehicle. It will make the morning commute a little warmer – and it can be a lifesaver during car trouble or a medical emergency. Most big-box retailers have fleece blankets available at very affordable prices and they come in a variety of fun prints. Or if the recipient is a fan of a specific car brand, you can splurge and get them a licensed blanket from Amazon or other reputable websites.

A Promise to Help with Car Repairs/Maintenance

Are you good with DIY car maintenance? One gift that will be appreciated – even by those who are almost impossible to please – will be free help with either regular car maintenance or a sudden car repair. You can do what you are comfortable with, such as a year’s worth of oil changes, replacing the tires on the vehicle, etc. Just make sure to keep your promise.

Do you have any other car-themed gift ideas? Share in our comments section!

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