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How is Shopping for a Designer Handbag Like Shopping for a Car?

Designer Handbag vs Car Brand Comparison 

We recently stumbled upon an interesting article describing how a Ferrari is like an Hermes Birkin bag. We completely understood the sentiment – both a Ferrari car and an Hermes Birkin (or its Kelly sibling) bag are hard to come by because they are incredibly expensive and a limited number are produced each year. 

If you or the lady in your life is looking at purchasing a designer handbag, it can feel a lot like buying a car. You are plunking down big bucks and you want to make sure that the style, usability, and level of prestige suit you. However, unlike purchasing a brand-new car, a designer handbag is usually a better investment because they tend to hold their resale value and can be passed down to future generations. Not all designer handbags are equal in terms of price and viewed prestige, so we have created a guide that compares popular designer handbag brands to car brands to help you get a better idea of what level you want to go with. 

Red BMW car

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Gucci, and Prada : Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche 

Europe has long been known for its luxury goods from handbags to cars. The designer handbag and car brands that we listed are some of the most prestigious and most expensive on the market. 

Cadillac Escalade in a big city

Ralph Lauren Collection and Michael Kors Collection : Cadillac and Lincoln 

You really can’t go wrong with American luxury when it comes to handbags or cars. Pricing is on par with its European counterparts, but the American brands tend to have a little less prestige and flash. But quiet luxury is nothing to scoff at and these handbag and car brands are still great buys!

Silver Acura RDX

Coach : Lexus and Acura 

Coach handbags, along with Lexus and Acura cars, are favorite brands for shoppers looking for a nice level of prestige without spending a fortune. 

Dark Gray Buick Encore

Kate Spade, Michael Michael Kors, and Lauren Ralph Lauren : Buick 

If you want a designer name but have a small budget to work with, premium brands like Kate Spade, Michael Michael Kors, and Lauren Ralph Lauren – or Buick if you are shopping for a car – are great choices! These handbag brands can be found in Macy’s, TJMaxx, or outlet malls. 

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