2022 Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality

What is the Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality?

Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality  

What is augmented reality for the Ford F-150 Lightning™? The F-150 Lightning™ is a futuristic truck, and you can now have it in the palm of your hand. Ford is launching the “F-150 Lightning™: Strike Anywhere” visual experience in conjunction with Google. This is for enthusiasts and buyers who want to learn about the benefits of an all-electric built Ford Tough truck. Learn all about the F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality experience here by Auction Direct USA. Then have a look at our inventory in Rochester, NY.  

How to experience the Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality?  

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning™ augmented reality

Strike Anywhere is a smartphone-based 3D and augmented reality application that allows users to inspect and learn about a virtual F-150 Lightning truck in their current location. Thirteen interactive animations educate kids on the features of the electric vehicle. Large power trunk, battery range, interior connectivity, smart bed and towing capabilities, quick charging options on the road and at home, and more are among them.  

You can have some fun after learning about the features of the Ford F-150 Lightning by choosing their favorite color and trim package. You may then position an augmented-reality truck wherever in their area, from their driveway to their employment site. F-150 Lightning™: Strike Anywhere is available on both Android and iOS devices in the United States. Customers may see it on Ford.com and YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Reddit, among other places. Google Cloud powers the augmented reality experience.  

Starting in spring 2022, the all-electric F-150 Lightning will be available for sale in the United States. Make sure to follow our blog and contact our brand executives at Auction Direct USA to discover more about the F-150 Lightning. You can even visit our Rochester, NY showroom to test drive a truck of your choice or check out our ongoing specials!  

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