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Is it safe to put a set of used tires on my vehicle? 

Tires get replaced and serviced more often than most other parts of your car. This is because your tires are constantly taking a beating. Every time you drive, you put wear on them. Eventually, you will need to replace all four of your tires. Tires aren’t cheap, so it may be tempting to get used tires instead of brand-new ones. Is that entirely safe? The short answer—no. Keep reading to get the long answer. 

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Should I get new or used tires for my car? closeup of tire tread

Used tires should not be placed on your car unless absolutely necessary. Used tires aren’t regulated, so there’s no guarantee that there are safe. The tread wear is easily visible, but internal damage to tires is very hard to detect if you’re not a professional. If you need tires, we strongly recommend getting new ones from a certified shop and not used ones from a seller. Now, buying a used tire to use as a spare isn’t as big of a deal, but you should never buy a full set of used tires if you want to keep your vehicle safe. 

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