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Summer Road Trip Preparation Check List

Summertime is here again and it’s time to start planning your road trip. Flying is the safest and fastest form of travel in the world, but the memories created during a long road trip can be priceless. It may take you a bit longer, but a road trip can be well worth it if you prepare properly. Keep reading to get a few tips. 

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Things to remember when preparing for your summer road trip happy couple standing outside of white car

If you forget to pack a certain item or don’t bring enough of something, it could ruin the whole trip. Take an afternoon to think of everything you need to remember and take notes of things you need to get. We recommend the following items for the ideal summer road trip. These items are in addition to the essentials e.g. clothes, toiletries.  

✔ Swiss Army Knife
✔ First-aid kit
✔ Car fluids (washer, brake, oil, transmission)
✔ Empty gas can
✔ Spare tire

✔ Gum
✔ Dope playlist
✔ Chargers
✔ Map (digital or traditional)
✔ Painkillers/other meds

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For the most part, these are pretty simple and basic items, but they often get forgotten. Your vehicle should have a spare tire already, but double check that you have the right jack and tire iron and the know-how in the event of an emergency. These items may not be needed, but they are all necessary for entertainment, safety, or just peace of mind. Always follow the local road laws and pay attention to the road. Wherever you venture off to this summer, stay safe and have fun! 

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