Tips for Making Your Car Last 


At Auction Direct USA, not only are we here to help you buy or sell a used car, we’re also here to help with service considerations in Rochester. Everyone wants to make their car last longer, whether they’re planning to ever sell it or not, and we’re here to help. 

Some of the tactics we recommend in our shop are the kind you can pay attention to even when you aren’t in the mechanic’s garage. Let’s look at a few basic hacks for getting maximum value of your car.  

Wash It 

Washing and waxing your car may not seem like value-add processes, but they absolutely are. Washing the car is about more than aesthetics – when you don’t wash it, foreign bodies in the air latch onto the body of the vehicle. Over time, that coat of dirt will eat through your clearcoat, and before long, paint will oxidize and turn into rust. If rust gets into metalwork, it spreads like wildfire – and lowers the value of your car, and can often render it unsafe to drive if it spreads to the frame and the chassis.  

Engine Bay 

Getting to know your engine bay can go a long way. It helps to be able to identify basic parts of the engine – our technicians can help here.  

Tire Pressure 

You’d be surprised how many drivers neglect tire pressure despite the low cost and hassle involved in maintaining it. Not only will properly inflated tires improve your gas mileage, they’ll also make your car last longer by extending the life of your suspension components and lowering stress on metalwork. There are stations at virtually any gas station that offer cheap air fillups – take advantage of these.  

Know Limits 

Always know the limits of your engine. Some are built for speed, some for efficiency, and others for smoothness. Some are more sensitive than others. If your car has a 1.6 liter, 4-cylinder engine, for instance, you probably shouldn’t be hauling trailers around – this will tax the engine and risk issues earlier than normal. 

Scheduled Maintenance 

Finally, the best way to maintain the value and life of your car over time is adhering to regular maintenance schedules. Ask our professionals about what kind of schedule you should be on for your vehicle.  

For more on extending car value, or to find out about any of our used cars for sale, speak to the experts at Auction Direct USA today.