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What are Some of the Best Used Vehicles from Auction Direct USA-Rochester for Winter Driving?

Used Vehicles with AWD for Winter Driving for Sale in Rochester, NY

The winter season has arrived in New York, and we have seen some snow already – and we will certainly see more over the course of the next few months. Even with all that Lake Effect snow, we still have obligations and need to venture out on the roads. Of course, it helps when we have a vehicle that is equipped to handle the snow and ice.

Here at Auction Direct USA-Rochester, we offer a multitude of used vehicles that come with all-wheel drive (AWD). This drivetrain sends extra power to all the vehicle’s wheels so there is more traction. Having AWD makes cruising on winter roads easier, along with trekking up your parents’ steep driveway that is covered in snow.

Of the many vehicles available in our inventory, there are a few that are favorites of ours.

A top favorite of ours is the Toyota Sienna, which is the only minivan on the market available with AWD! And as a minivan, you can transport your family or business with ease!

We are also in love with the Audi Q5, which is a 2-row crossover. With a luxury name and ultimate style, you will turn heads – even when the snow is falling!

Another favorite of ours is the Chevy Equinox. This 2-row crossover is a great budget-friendly option for small families and it is very capable of handling snow so you can always get to school and the office!

And if you are looking for a great crossover that is a little bigger, we recommend the 3-row Chevy Traverse, which offers plenty of cargo space for your adventures all year round!

To learn more about our selection of high-quality used vehicles with AWD, please visit our Rochester location today!

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