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What Are the Reasons Behind the Depreciation of Your Car Value?

3 Reasons Behind Depreciation of Your Car Value

Depreciation is the process by which the value of your used car decreases over time. When you use it frequently, all its components and the overall vehicle suffer from wear and tear, lowering its value. This affects not only the current actual weight of your used car but is also considered by your insurer when you approach them about insuring your vehicle. Here are three reasons behind the depreciation of your car value. Please read the post by Auction Direct USA dealership in Raleigh, NC, to learn more about it.

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Fuel Price  

When gas prices are low, large, and thirsty vehicles like SUVs become more popular. Consumers tend to turn toward small cars, hybrids, and electric vehicles when gas prices are high. If you happen to be selling your car or trading it in when it coincides with fuel trends, you will be able to sell at a higher price as a benefit of the increased demand.  

Accident History  

Drive safely if you want to keep your car’s value as high as possible. A vehicle in one or more accidents is worth less when it comes to trade or sell it because those marks on the record will be visible in the vehicle history report. Even if the car was involved in a minor accident and the damage was professionally repaired, many prospective buyers would prefer to purchase a vehicle with a clean vehicle history report.

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The odometer reading is one of the essential factors in the depreciation of a car. The more miles a car has, the less valuable it is. The national average is around 15,000 miles per year; more than that will cause more depreciation, and fewer miles may make your car more appealing to a potential buyer – and thus more valuable – than the competition. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Putting 15,000 miles into a sports or luxury car, any vehicle that a typical owner would not drive daily – is considered excessive.

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