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What Should I Keep in the Glovebox of My Vehicle?

5 Essentials for Your Vehicle’s Glovebox

We went retrieve the owner’s manual this morning and discovered that our vehicle’s glove box was jam-packed with clutter. Sure, we found the manual, but we also found a bunch of random paperwork, that George Strait CD that we thought we lost, the card we were supposed to give to Cousin Lisa last summer at her wedding (is it too late to send it now?), wrappers from a few Snickers bars, a pack of gum, some expired coupons, and more! How did we let this happen?!?! After doing some serious decluttering, we thought that we would share the five most important essentials to keep in your vehicle’s glove box!

1 – Owner’s Manual

This by far is one of the most important items to keep in your vehicle’s glove box – and it is the assumed spot for our service technicians to look when they need to use it as a reference when you bring your vehicle in to service at our Raleigh, NC or Rochester, NY locations.

2 – Registration and Proof of Insurance

It is required by law in most places to carry these pieces of information in your vehicle, and the glove box is the perfect spot because it offers easy access should you find yourself in a collision or pulled over by a cop.

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3 – Cards with List of Contacts and Medical Information

Should you find yourself stranded and your phone is dead, you can still call the boss, Triple-A, or a friend for help. And if you are in a collision and are unresponsive, emergency personnel can immediately figure out if there are any medical conditions to also be concerned about.

4 – Tire Air Pressure Gauge

Whether you are refilling your tires in the home garage or at the local gas station, you can ensure that you will have the correct amount of air pressure with the help of this handy-dandy tool!

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5 – Spare Charger for Your Phone

It seems like our phone is always about to die, so having that spare charger will keep it juiced up while we are out and about!

What do you like to keep in your vehicle’s glove box? Sound off in our comments!

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