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Are Used Hybrids Worth Buying?

Buying a used hybrid? Here’s what you should know

Hybrids are all the rage these days but buying a brand-new hybrid can be an expensive affair as they generally cost a few thousand dollars more than conventional gasoline-fueled cars. So, what should you do in such a case? Should you go for a cheaper alternative or look for something in the used car space? Is buying a used hybrid vehicle really worth it? Do used hybrids hold up well? If these are your concerns, you’ve come to the right place because, in this blog from Auctions Direct USA Used Vehicle Superstore in Raleigh, NC, we’ll tell you everything. So, keep reading.  

Why should you buy a used hybrid?  

The first and best reason you should get yourself a used hybrid is the cost. Used hybrids are generally more affordable than their brand-new counterparts. This way, you can save some money for gas or other repairs and maintenance.

Image showing the rear end of a white Toyota Prius

Another reason for buying used hybrids is finding more variety in a particular budget. You’ll have a greater choice of vehicles ranging from hybrid hatchbacks and crossover SUVs to even hybrid SUVs and pickup trucks and varying model years at your disposal. Just choose the type and model that best suits your needs and budget. Used hybrids also tend to hold more resale value in the used market than brand new models, which lose anywhere between 20 and 60 percent of their MSRP in the first couple of years of ownership.  

Lastly, you should consider buying a used hybrid to get used to how hybrids work. Once you are familiar with hybrid technology and the maintenance costs involved, you switch to a newer model with more confidence.  

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Are used hybrids worth buying?  

Yes, they are. Especially when they have fewer miles on the odometer or are driven very sparingly. A less-driven and well-cared-for pre-owned hybrid will give you just as good performance and fuel economy as a new one. Also, make sure that the used hybrid you’re buying is at least ten years old or newer because in the case of hybrids, the newer, the better. You can expect newer models to come equipped with the latest hybrid technologies and the batteries to be fresher and offer a better electric drive range.  

Where can I find used hybrids in the Raleigh, NC, area?  

If you’re looking for a quality pre-owned hybrid vehicle in Raleigh and Durham, NC, Auctions Direct USA Used Vehicle Superstore is the place! We have some of the latest, less-driven, well-maintained, and carefully inspected used hybrids, including:   

  • Toyota Prius  
  • Honda Civic Hybrid  
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid  
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid  
  • Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid  
  • Chevrolet Volt  
  • Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid  
  • Jeep Wrangler 4xe 
  • Jeep Wagoneer 
  • Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid  
  • Ram 1500 Big Horn/Lone Star 
  • and many more!   
Image showing two Jeep Wrangler 4xe models at an outdoor Jeep Charging Station

Please check out our used hybrids inventory or call us to learn more. You can also stop by at any convenient time and take a test drive of your preferred model today!