Is Halloween Egging Bad for My Vehicle?

Can Eggs Ruin My Car’s Paint?

Halloween is almost here, and while many of us are excited to dress up and pig out on candy, we are also dreading the shenanigans that the teenagers will pull. Here at Auction Direct USA, we have heard stories from our friends and family where their yards were TP’d and the Jack-O-Lanterns on their doorsteps were smashed. But perhaps the worst prank in the bunch is when we are driving down the street when all of a sudden, our vehicle is being pelted with eggs!

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Is Egging a Vehicle Against the Law?

Egging a vehicle – even in the spirit of Halloween – is really not considered a prank. It is an act of vandalism. In fact, egging a vehicle is against the law in some areas of the country and may result in a fine or other penalties.

Can Smashed Eggs Ruin the Paint on My Vehicle?

YES! YES! YES! In their raw form, eggs are not good for you (even though we are willing risk getting Salmonella for some raw cookie dough or brownie batter). The same can be said about eggs and your vehicle. While you vehicle won’t get Salmonella or other food-born illnesses, its paint job can easily be ruined. Eggs – especially the yolks – are surprisingly acidic enough to eat through the clearcoat and the paint on your vehicle.

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What Should I Do If My Vehicle Gets Egged on Halloween?

If you are home and handing out candy to visiting trick or treaters, we advise you to keep your vehicle parked in your garage if you are able to. Now if you are driving home from work or transporting your kids to the best neighborhoods that give the good candy, do not get out and confront the perpetrators, as this can be very dangerous. Try to clear your windshield using the wipers. After the trick or treating is finished, head on over to the nearest car wash to get rid of the egg. If the local car washes are all closed, hose down your vehicle once you get home.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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