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Road Trip Activity Check List for Families

Here at Auction Direct USA, we love talking about road trips with our customers and helping them find a high-quality used vehicle for their journey. Unfortunately, all too often we hear of family road trips that are essentially for one person: a week-long vacation to the lake so Dad can fish while Mom and the kids stay in the cabin after one day out on the water – or a road trip with nothing but art museums for Mom and Dad while the kids would rather play outside. To make your next road trip fun for the whole family, it’s better to include a variety of activities. Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

___ Visit someplace historic. Your destination and the towns along the way surely have something of historical significance to check out. Before hitting the road, do a quick research of your desired route and see what historical events have taken place in the area. Some of our favorite ideas include Civil War battlefields, along with the homes of historical figures. Even if you are passing through a small town, it can be very worthwhile to reach out to its historical society.

___ Discover how your favorite products are made. Many towns boast a factory that offers a tour showcasing how its product is made. Some of our favorites are breweries (typically only appropriate for ages 21 and older) and candy factories like Jelly Belly out in Fairfield, California or Hershey in Pennsylvania.

Yosemite National Park during the Golden Hour___ Enjoy the great outdoors. It’s always good to get some fresh air and there is plenty that you can do outside. While we always love the national parks, we also love checking out state or local parks – or even getting out on the water. Many riverside towns offer boat tours that are fun for the whole family.

___ Experience the local cuisine. Many states or cities are renowned for certain foods and your trip wouldn’t be complete without trying them! Heading to Wisconsin? Make sure to try the squeaky-fresh cheese curds! Traveling down to New Orleans? Order some gumbo and beignets! Walking in Memphis? Chow down on some barbecue!

___ Visit some local shops. When we travel, we avoid the malls and love checking out quaint shops on Main Street – and we always leave with something unique. We are particularly fond of antique shops, art galleries, and bookstores.

Happy Travels!

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