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Why is My Manual Transmission Vehicle Smelling Like Burnt Rubber?

Common Reasons Your Manual Transmission Can Start to Smell

Manual transmissions have gone to the wayside in favor of the automatic option, but there are many drivers who still prefer the old-school manual. When you shop with us here at Auction Direct USA, you can easily find vehicles that are outfitted with a manual transmission. Like any vehicle component, your manual transmission will need to be maintained so that it may continue to work correctly. However, something can go wrong at some point either due to neglect, improper use, or age.

If you are noticing a funky, burnt rubber smell as you are driving, there is a good indication that there is something wrong with the manual transmission system. Some possible transmission problems that you could be experiencing include:

  • Slipping pressure plate
  • Burnt clutch
  • Stretched, worn, or broken clutch cable

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Where Can I Get My Manual Transmission Repaired in Durham, NC?

Fixing a transmission is not simple like replacing your vehicle’s windshield wipers. For your failing transmission, you are going to need a skilled mechanic. Luckily, you don’t need to travel far! Auction Direct USA has a service center based in Durham, NC (5402 NC 55) that can help you out! Our service center is run by a team of highly-skilled technicians who have experience with a variety of brands. They will be more than happy to do an assessment and make the repairs so you can get back out on the road.

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