Stick Figure Bumper Sticker

Is it a Bad Idea to Have Bumper Stickers That Pertain to My Kids on My Car?

Dangers of Kid-Related Bumper Stickers on a Car

In today’s world, many folks are more than willing to share their lives with other folks thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and personal blogs. And the sharing can become even more prevalent once we start having kids and feel the need to constantly share photos with everyone. While some of our friends enjoy seeing pictures of our kids in their newest outfits or heading off to their first day at school, we should exercise caution when sharing due to the ever-growing risk of encountering unscrupulous characters.

In addition to social media, one place that we need to be extra cautious about our child’s information is in a spot that we seldom think about. We are in fact talking about the bumper and rear window of your vehicle!

We have all seen the bumper stickers that say “My Son/Daughter is an Honor Student at Local Middle/High School”. And many of us also love those window decals with the stick figures that portray our family. But did you know that those stickers can give unscrupulous characters enough information to find your children if they want to?

With that being said, for the safety of our kids, we recommend taking a moment to reconsider adding those bumper stickers and decals to your vehicle (maybe go with one of these awesome turtle decals instead). For your kids’ honor roll achievement, take them out to celebrate at their favorite restaurant.

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