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How Do You Take Care of Your Tires?

Three Tips How to Take Care of Your Tires  

Tires require proper maintenance to function and last as intended, like any other auto part. Because they are the only component of your car that contacts the road, your tires are prone to wear and tear. The good news is that tire maintenance is effortless. To extend the life of your tires, be sure to cross these tasks off your list of tire maintenance duties. Keep reading the blog by Auction Direct USA, Raleigh, NC, to learn how to take care of your tires.  

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Confirm Proper Air Pressure

It’s crucial and easy to keep your tires inflated to the right pounds per square inch (PSI). Your tire is engineered to work at a specific PSI. Tires that are overinflated run the risk of premature wear and blowouts. Underinflated tires may lose control during maneuvers, wear out more quickly, and come unseated from the wheel. Always keep a tire gauge in your car to check the pressure in your tires and add air as necessary.  

Tread Depth Is Important to Take Care of Your Tires

Your car’s treads help it hold onto the pavement and maintain balance. If the tire grooves are worn out, your car won’t have good traction on the road. Use the “Quarter Test” to check the tread on your tires:

Man fixing tire of a vehicle
  • Locate the part of your tire that has the little tread.  
  • Take a quarter and press it into the tread of the tire headfirst.  
  • Your tire tread is at or below 4/32″ and needs to be replaced as soon as possible if you can see George Washington’s entire head. 

Don’t Spin Your Tires Excessively   

Try to keep your tires from spinning excessively when your car is stuck in snow, ice, mud, or sand. Tire overheating and irreparable harm could result from this. You can release your vehicle by gently rocking it back and forth. Never stand close to or behind a tire spinning rapidly, such as when trying to push a stuck car or using an on-car spin balance machine.

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