Keeping Car Trade-In Value High

There are a number of things to be aware of when speaking to a car dealer like Auction Direct USA about trading in a used car, and the most important factor will always remain value. How much your car is worth is the name of the game during a trade-in situation, and we’ll offer you fair and speedy appraisals to help you get proper value for your trade-in.

Leading up to the day when you come see us, though, what can you do to help boost your trade-in value? Let’s look at a few basic tips.


Keeping everything in working order is the first place to start. You’ll often get dinged more in your appraisal for a damaged area than you would have cost yourself or a mechanic to simply repair the issue before you brought the car in to trade, and a well-running vehicle is more impressive during negotiations.

In particular, focus on appearance – and keep receipts. Being able to prove what work you’ve done could be vital.


As you walk in for your appraisal, be completely prepared. Know exactly what your car’s value should be, and what you’re prepared to accept in a counteroffer. Be realistic but also firm in these assessments, and don’t allow lack of knowledge to allow you to be pushed around.

Separate Transactions

Even if you’re trading in for a new vehicle on the spot, be sure to keep the two transactions separate. This helps with basic details, and stops the potential for misunderstandings. Many trade-in deals involve manipulation of certain variables involved in the upcoming transaction for your new vehicle – if you aren’t paying attention, these perks might not even out on both sides of the equation, and could put you in the red. Keeping the two separate avoids this possibility.

Dealer’s Angle

As you walk in the door, remember that once you’ve traded your car in to the dealer, the dealer still has to sell it to someone else. Try to view this from their perspective – how does it look, how does it drive, and how quickly will they be able to sell it? Are you trading a make or model that’s incredibly popular on the market right now, or something a bit less popular? Is the car newer or older (older doesn’t necessarily mean worse – there are certain situations where brand-new trade-ins are actually bad deals for dealers due to manufacturer incentives)?

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