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The Pros and Cons of Three-Row Seating

A List of Pros and Cons to Third-Row Seating in SUV Models

When it comes to space, sometimes you need more than what a small crossover or sedan can give you. That’s why the automotive market has tons of three-row SUVs you can check out! But how efficient are they? How does it fit your lifestyle, or are there downsides to adding additional seating capacity? At Auction Direct USA, we check out the pros and cons of third-row seating to help you decide.

The interior layout of a 2016 Chevrolet Traverse.

Pros of Third Row-Seating

  • Additional Seats
  • Versatility
  • Often Ideal for Child Seating or Carpooling

Having third-row seating definitely has its uses in a pinch. Having a third row can increase a vehicle’s seating capacity by two or three, allowing for up to 8 passengers for many notable models. With the space, it can make it easy to carpool for work or carry a larger family on a road trip. Third-row vehicles are also normally equipped with child safety latches and configurations so you can utilize a child seat or two. Overall, a three-row SUV is a great option for families or those who often have friends and family carpool with them.

Cons of Third Row Seating

  • Larger Vehicle Size
  • Loss of Cargo Space
  • Often More Expensive

However, there are some downsides to three-row SUVs. For one, three-row SUVs are obviously larger vehicles that don’t drive like what you may be used to in a small crossover or sedan. As such, some models may not be as efficient on the road as the competition. There is also an obvious lack of cargo space, as the third-row can minimize your cargo space considerably. Some vehicles have combatted this by engineering the final row to fold down, detach, or be completely removed from the vehicle when you need the space. Lastly, they can also be more expensive than their two-row counterparts.

Find an Affordable Third-Row SUV at Auction Direct USA

To piggy-back on the final negative point, not all third-row vehicles will cost you an arm and a leg over smaller models. At Auction Direct USA, we provide ready-to-drive, pre-owned third-row vehicles at an affordable price. Stop into one of our locations in Raleigh, Rochester, or Durham, SC to find the ideal model that fits your lifestyle!

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