Vehicle driving on snow

3 Items to Pack in a Winter Emergency Kit in Raleigh NC and Rochester NY!

Prepare for a Winter Emergency with 3 Great Items!

We’ve covered fall and winter preparations, with a small touch on a winter emergency kit, but we felt we need to expand that detail further to make sure you have a good idea for an emergency kit! What are some of the key items we recommend you bring? Continue reading below to find out!

Safety Absorbent or Cat Litter

If you get trapped and need traction, you can help your car regain it with a small bag of safety absorbent or cat litter. The safety absorbent works better and can be found at most auto parts stores. These work best with an AWD system or a 4×4 wheel drive system for the best traction.

Foldable Shovel

Digging out snow from under the car and the wheels is a great way to regain traction if you’re trapped, so we recommend a foldable shovel. It certainly beats using your hands, even if you’re wearing gloves. They can be purchased at a military surplus store, picked up online, or similar locations.

Portable shovel extended
Man fixing tire of a vehicle

Portable Air Compressor System

A portable air compressor works with the 12v outlet of your car and can be used to fill a tire with low pressure or help fix a flat. Tire pressure tire failures are very common, so be sure to bring one of these portable systems with you as you drive this winter!

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These are just three of many exceptional items we recommend you bring with you this winter as you drive. To learn more about these items, or what other items you should bring, contact our dealership today! Additionally, consider coming in to have your model serviced or inspected!