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3 Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Pipes from Freezing

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing with 3 Easy Tips

The weather is turning colder and colder, and with this cold snap, several people might have found themselves panicking when their pipes froze and burst. It’s a costly issue and one that can lead to a lot of heartache and headaches. That said, how can you prevent this from happening to your home? Click below to see three great tips!

Keep Your Heat On

If you’re leaving for a while, you should make sure your home’s heat is kept on. It might be difficult to do this, especially if it’s costly to do so, but its the best way to keep your pipes from bursting and keep the water damage low. Water damage to the home and your possessions can be more expensive than utility bills.

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Keep Interior Doors Open

Pipes are often located in cabinets, and when the temperatures drop, you should keep those pipes open. This helps keep the heat affecting the pipes, letting them stay warm. You should also keep interior doors open so the heat can flow throughout the home, too.

Apply Heat Tape

Finally, we recommend that you apply heating tape to pipes. This works to keep heat directly applied to the pipe, keeping it warm during cold spells. It’s a good solution for short pipe sections that are at high-freezing risk, and are easily accessible. You can install the tape and monitor it for problems if need be.

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These are just three of several tips we recommend that you apply when you’re preparing your home to tackle the winter season. To learn more about what you can do, or check out other tips we have, contact our agents today!