Car Trade In

Auction Direct USA Offers the Best Value for Your Car Trade In

At Auction Direct USA, our goal is to make the purchase of your next Certified Pre Owned vehicle as easy as possible – and the same holds true when you’re trading in a used vehicle to make your next purchase.

Not only does a car trade in generate value towards the cost of your next vehicle, remember that it also reduces the amount of time you have to invest in selling it yourself.

If you’re considering a car trade in now, your timing is just right.  According to AAA Auto Club, used vehicle sales are gaining in popularity among the car-buying public.

It’s well known that the single most expensive cost of owning a vehicle is depreciation.  AAA estimates a car loses between 15 and 20 percent of its value each year and, depending on the make and model, could depreciate by as much as half of its original value in just three years. That’s important information to know if you plan to trade in your current vehicle.

That said, you can be confident that when you trade with Auction Direct USA you’ll find the experience as hassle-free as possible when you purchase from us.  We’re in the business of buying and selling certified pre owned vehicles, so you can be assured you’ll receive a fair offer for your trade in based on what the going rate is in the automotive marketplace.

Once you find the vehicle you’re looking for on our lot, your salesperson will introduce you to one of our appraisal professionals who will look over your trade-in, research the vehicle history and provide you our offer based on its true value in the market.

Trade in Car Warranty

We also take into account if your car trade-in has a warranty or extended warranty that’s transferable or has undergone recent major maintenance that has added value to the trade – and all this will be done thoroughly and as quickly as possible so we’re sure we’ve reached the best and fairest offer possible for you.

Just like on our sales side, where none of our employees work on commission, our appraisal employees are salaried, as well.  That results in an easy going, relaxed experience when it comes to trading and buying your next Certified Pre Owned Vehicle.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to trade in just yet, but you’re curious about the current value of your used car, visit our website at and click on “Sell Your Vehicle” and the city where you live and you can get a base estimate of your vehicle’s value.

So if you’re tired of the intense negotiations you’ve had before at the traditional car dealership, give Auction Direct USA the chance to earn your business.  Whether you have a car trade in or not, ask about our Certified Pre Owned Vehicles.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the buying experience that waiting for you at our showroom.