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Am I Buying a Sports Car or a Muscle Car?

Differences Between Sports Cars, Pony Cars, and Muscle Cars

Here at Auction Direct USA, we occasionally have customers come through and ask for a sports car. And then after talking to them a little more, we discover that what they are really looking for is a pony car or a muscle car. We understand that drivers use “sports car” universally but in order to ensure that you are getting the vehicle that you have always dreamed of, we just wanted to share some information that differentiates a sports car from a pony car and a muscle car.

What is a Sports Car?

A typical sports car is a sleekly-styled, low-slung, 2-door (and usually 2-passenger) vehicle that can reach high speeds with the help of a 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, or 8-cylinder engine. Even with the high speeds, a sports car offers nimble handling. Modern sports cars include the Nissan 370Z and Chevy Corvette.

Silver and Yellow Nissan 370Z models

What is a Pony Car?

Pony cars feature a long hood and a short front end. When new, they start at an economical price point and can easily be customized with the help of mass-produced and affordable parts. They also can be outfitted with 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, or 8-cylinder engine options. The most famous pony cars are the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro.

Red Chevy Camaro

What is a Muscle Car?

A muscle car typically sports two doors, but is always outfitted with a specialty high-powered engine (typically eight cylinders or more). Due to the extra power, along with the more rigid construction of the vehicle, a muscle car offers a stiffer handling. Today, most car enthusiasts regard the Dodge Challenger as the only modern muscle car, but if you dig around enough you can find an old Plymouth Barracuda, Ford Ranchero, Mercury Cyclone, and other muscle cars from a bygone era!

Black Dodge Challenger

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