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Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring in Rochester, NY!

Spring Vehicle Preparation Tips for Drivers in Rochester, NY

You need to prepare your vehicle for the changes in weather that are coming, as spring is just around the corner. You can do this by implementing a few tips, tips that can save you money and headaches later. Examples of these tips will be explored down below! Continue reading below to find out more!

Visit a Car Wash

You don’t just spring clean your house, you need to prepare to clean your vehicle too! This includes taking it to a car wash and having the salt washed off your vehicle, preventing damage to your paint job and your vehicle. You should also spring for premium, as that option typically covers all nooks and crannies.

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Check Your Battery

At the end of a long winter, you should also make sure you check over your batteries and your vehicle’s electrical systems. Many shops have free battery checks, which you can use to see how your battery is doing. If the battery is weak, replace it.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Snow, ice, and temperatures can cause wear and tear wiper blades. They can cause streaking, making it difficult to see. You should replace them as needed, as they’re simple and inexpensive to do so. Also, make sure your windshield fluid is topped off.

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These are just a few tips for preparing your vehicle for spring in 2021. To learn more about what you can do, or to take a model for a test drive yourself, please contact our agents today!