What Cars Do Parents Think are Great for Their Teenage Drivers?

Best Cars for Teen Drivers According to Parents

Many of us remember turning 16 and getting our first car. Of course, that car was typically a hand-me-down from Mom and Dad while they upgraded to a newer vehicle for themselves – or we purchased a used vehicle with Mom and Dad’s help. In this day and age, it seems like there is a different attitude about the kind of vehicle that teens should drive. We are guessing that it is due to distorted movies and reality shows where teens are driving brand-new luxury cars. However, many parents are still being practical about their teen’s first vehicle. We were scrolling through Quora this morning and found the question “What is a good first car for my 16-year-old son?” We thought that we would share some of the opinions of the Quora community:

Teen boy behind the wheel“He needs the smallest, cheapest, easiest to repair car you can find with an airbag.”

“Nothing with power, nothing with flash, nothing with flair.”

“A Toyota Corolla or Camry or Honda Civic or Accord.”

“Find him something dependable and safe.”

***Quora members’ full answers can be found on the Quora website. ***

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After reading the responses on Quora, we couldn’t agree more. Teens do not have a lot of experience behind the wheel, so it is not wise to shell out big bucks for a brand-new car. And it’s not like they will be taking any big road trips by themselves, so all they need is something dependable to get them from home to school, extra-curricular activities, and after-school jobs.

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