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How Do I Help My Kid Overcome Their Reluctance to Drive?

Tips for Turning Your Kid into a Confident Driver 

We were reading the Dear Abby column this morning and a mother wrote a letter about how her 20-year-old daughter refuses to get a driver’s license and is sick of chauffeuring her around. Honestly, we thought that Abby kind of missed the mark in her advice because she said the daughter was smart and didn’t have to deal with car payments or insurance premiums, and just plainly suggested that the daughter get a bicycle or take the driving test again. We wanted to take a different spin on this and suggest some ways to encourage your kid to become more comfortable behind the wheel. 

Start By Driving Around in an Empty Parking Lot 

With the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, there are a lot more empty parking lots available for your kid to drive around it. Get them to try different speeds, make fast turns, and practice parking perfectly in the stalls. Once they gain a little confidence, get them to go out on the streets, which are now less busy and perfect for those just learning to drive. 

Get Them Behind the Wheel of a Smaller Vehicle 

While many of us remember learning to drive in our Mom’s minivan or the family’s giant station wagon, it’s better to start small by using a compact car that is easy to maneuver in tight parking areas (especially parallel parking) and heavy traffic. 

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Be Kind and Encouraging in the Passenger Seat 

Many teens are nervous about learning to drive because their parents scream at them or hurl insults. Sure, you don’t want to end up in a collision, and there are times where you will need to yell “HIT THE BRAKES!”, but try to use positive enforcement and praise them for a good job on certain things. For areas that need improvement, point them out and offer advice on how to do them correctly and without making them feel like they are the worst driver in the world. 

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Happy Driving!